Scottish Department of the Family and Social Cohesion

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Scottish Department of the Family and Social Cohesion

A. Purpose of the institution
B. Relevant constitutional requirements for the institution
C. Personnel structure of the institution
D. Physical and digital structure of the institution
E. Competences and functions of the institution
F. Methods for application of competences and functions
G. Methods for continuous improvement of competences and functions

Points for Discussion Below

A. What are your observations about the institution?
B. What are potential weaknesses in performing its functions?
C. How could the efficacy of the institution be improved?
D. What are potential flaws in the design of the institution?
E. How would you design the institution differently?
F. What other methods of adaptation could be employed to maintain the institution fit for purpose?
G. What have we not thought of?

Have Your Say on the Sphere(s) Of Law This Institution Administers

We have separated the discussions on the Institution and the Sphere of Laws administered by the Institution.
You can discuss the relevant Sphere(s) here

Level of Comfort

Are you comfortable with the Scottish Department of the Family and Social Cohesion, as stated above?
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