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Article III – The Corpus of Scottish Law

  • Section B: Structure of the Corpus of Scottish Law
  • § 1. The Corpus of Scottish Law shall be in the form of a single unified online document which shall be the authoritative source of law and regulation for Scotland.
  • § 2. The CSL shall be divided into spheres of law and further subdivided into domaines, and additional spheres can be developed through the constitutional and legal system.
  • § 3. The structure of the spheres shall include the following:
  • Antecedents to the sphere of law
  • The object, purpose, and aims of the sphere of law
  • The rights of citizens and legal residents (identical) in the sphere of law, which shall have constitutional status to amend
  • The administration competent to apply the sphere of law, its structure, and its laws of operation
  • The applicable law regulating the sphere, subdivision into domaines, and the methods of application
  • Mechanisms enabling appeal and remedies on valid grounds.
  • Mechanisms to adapt the law to maintain fitness for purpose.
  • § 4. The Bills of Rights contained within the Spheres of the CSL shall be amended in the same manner as the constitution.
  • § 5. The CSL shall complement and be bound by this Constitution, European Union Law, mechanisms for citizen participation, and international treaties and conventions to which Scotland is signatory.

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