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Article II - Individual Liberties, Rights, and Obligations

The following liberties, rights, and obligations shall be irrevocably held by all Scottish citizens and legal residents, both individuals and collectives. No individual or collective can be discriminated against on the basis of sex, ethnicity, origin, language, religion, beliefs, physical, mental or ideological diversity, age, genetic characteristics, membership in a national minority, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other personal or social circumstance or characteristic. There shall be no limitation upon their exercise except to prevent or penalize acts calculated to infringe on the rights and liberties of others, or forcibly to subvert, by either physical or electronic means, the constitutional order that guarantees these rights and liberties. The rights and privileges guaranteed to persons under this Constitution and the Corpus of Scottish Law (CSL hereafter: explained in Article III) extend only to human beings and human collectives; the extent to which such rights and privileges may be extended to other legally sanctioned entities shall be determined by the CSL.
  • Section A: Equity of Rights
  • § 1. All citizens and residents of Scotland, regardless of their status, shall be equally treated and protected under the CSL. Provision shall be made to assure gender parity in opportunity and pay at all levels of the public and private sector.
  • § 2. The Scottish state is secular and pluralist, and shall not establish, favour, nor disfavour any religion, and shall work towards the appeasement of religious and sectarian conflict in all forms. All religious and religiously owned institutions shall be subject to civil law, regulation, and taxation.
  • § 3. Social equality being the basis and essence of this Constitution and the Scottish polity, no aristocratic or noble titles and/or estates historically granted by any monarchy shall be recognized by the Scottish State for any purposes. No law which perpetuates social castes, including primogeniture law, shall be recognized, promulgated, or applied. All human beings shall be treated equally under the law.

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