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Article II - Individual Liberties, Rights, and Obligations

  • Section B: Fundamental Individual Liberties: The Scottish government shall pass no law infringing upon the following liberties, and shall structure the CSL and corresponding Scottish State institutions to guarantee the following:
  • § 1. The freedom of press, speech, writing, publication, and of the expression of opinion with narrowly prescribed exceptions for demonstrably injurious discourse.
  • § 2. The freedom of thought, of conscience, and of religious practice; including to not believe or participate in any religion.
  • § 3. Autonomy of all persons over their bodies.
  • § 4. All human beings have the right to marry and to found a family in accordance with their beliefs and sexual orientation.
  • § 5. All human beings have the right to peacefully assemble or not and form associations or not for any lawful purpose. No precautionary measure shall be taken against this.
  • § 6. No law or government policy shall abridge the right of every person to freely form or join a union in their place of work, collectively bargain with their employer, to strike without state opposition, and the CSL shall penalize any infringement of this right. Every person has the right to conditions of work which are fair, healthy, and which respect the dignity of the person. A living wage and a guaranteed minimum income shall be established by the CSL, to assure that no person will live in poverty, which shall be continuously adjusted according to economic criteria established in the CSL.
  • § 7. The right to privacy in his or her personal affairs, family life, home, and correspondence. Consistent with technological advancement, provision shall be made in the CSL to safeguard personal data and information, and preserve privacy and security in communications and transactions conducted through electronic media. No restrictions should be made other than by a formal law. These restrictions should respond to a compelling social need and be proportionate to the purpose.
  • § 8. The right to hold private property, and to the peaceful enjoyment of his or her property. Nothing in this clause shall invalidate any tax, duty or custom levied in accordance with the CSL, or an environmental regulation imposed on the development or use of land or natural resources.
  • § 9. The right to a government that takes actions to achieve a healthful environment, including clean air and water and a climate hospitable to life and supportive of agriculture. Provision shall be made in the CSL for the protection of the environment and for restrictions on the development of land and natural resources in furtherance of this clause.
  • § 10. Every person shall have access to governmental information, and the state shall exercise transparency in all functions, except as determined necessary by the CSL to protect the privacy of citizens and the security of the state.
  • § 11. Every person shall have the right to physical safety. All arms and weapons for those who are not on-duty police and military personnel are banned, with very limited exceptions granted for single-shot hunting rifles to be regularly licensed and stored according to the CSL.
  • § 12. The CSL shall not criminalize drug and alcohol use by individuals for personal use, which shall be treated uniquely within the sphere of public health.

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