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Article II - Individual Liberties, Rights, and Obligations

  • Section D: Civic Obligations
  • § 1. All citizens and legal residents of Scotland, regardless of domiciliation status, shall be automatically registered to vote at 16 years of age, which may only be temporarily suspended during incarceration. Voting shall be conducted using the most modern distributed ledger technology available to facilitate 100% participation, and all citizens and legal residents shall be able to participate on all electoral levels. Given the will to achieve 100% participation using modern technologies and electronic voting, internet access for all citizens shall be ensured. By these means, internet access will be granted the status of public good, and completely free to ensure everyone can vote. If the access to internet for all cannot be effective, local internet devices must be accessible for citizens for the duration of the voting period.
  • § 2. All citizens and legal residents of Scotland not in detention shall be required to serve on juries, with reasons for discharge to be prescribed by the CSL.

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