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Article IV – Electoral integrity and Citizen Referenda

  • Section A: Fundamental procedural protections for elections, referenda, campaign finance, and anti-corruption
  • § 1. All elections and referenda shall be conducted using distributed ledger technology, or future equivalent, to assure complete transparency and accuracy of electoral results.
  • § 2. The Scottish Electoral Audit Board shall oversee and apply Electoral Law, and shall have the authority to overturn election and referendum results if sufficiently flagrant violations occur, and a new election/referendum shall be held, as specified in the CSL.
  • § 3. The CSL shall establish an enforceable Code of Conduct for all candidates and elected officials to assure that only people of impeccable honesty and integrity are qualified to hold office to be People's representative and to be eligible in any mandate. In addition, knowledge of this Constitution and the structure of the CSL shall be an eligibility requirement for all candidates.
  • § 4. Civil servant have to take an oath on the Code of conduct, establish by the CSL, to assure that only people of impeccable honesty and integrity to hold office. Civil servant have to prove devotion and loyalties to the Scottish State during the civil service examination, and have to serve the State for a minimum length fixed by the CSL.
  • § 5. The CSL shall regulate fundraising of parties, campaigns, officeholders, and civil servants, to get as close to a complete absence of corruption as is humanly possible.
  • § 6. The CSL shall regulate the duration for all elections and referendum campaigns, to assure minimal disruption to the proper functioning of government and assure equality between candidates.
  • § 7. The CSL shall assure the methodological integrity and accuracy of all research groups, studies, polls, campaign literature, and surveys which inform campaigns.

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