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Article IV – Electoral integrity and Citizen Referenda

  • Section B: Referenda
A referendum is a binding consultation through popular vote over issues of vital importance, or legal provisions of regional, national or international scope. Initiatives that reduce rights and guarantees shall not be the subject of a referendum proposal. Referenda may serve the following purposes:
  • § 1. Recall elections of elected officials and civil servants
  • a. The Citizen Participation and Referenda section of the CSL shall establish the requirements and conditions for holding citizens' recall initiatives.
  • § 2. Citizen Constitutional and Legislative initiatives
The CSL shall provide mechanisms for citizens to:
  • a. amend or supplement the CSL in any sphere, except the constitution and social progress.
  • b. appeal executive decisions
  • § 3. Conflict resolution referendum
  • a. In matters of great importance to citizens, the President of the Scottish State or the Parliament may call upon the Scottish Electoral Auditor Board to hold a referendum to settle a situation of institutional conflict.
  • b. The Board shall also consider other conflicts to resolve through referendum.

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