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Article IX – Regional and Municipal Government

  • Section A: Each District and Municipality may develop their own Citizens Charters and other governing documents, in accordance with this Constitution and the CSL.
  • Section B: All regional and municipal administrations shall to the fullest extent possible employ distributed ledger technology for all elections, contract management, licensing, issuing benefits, and all other functions.
  • Section C: For the purposes of local government and administration, Scotland shall be divided by the CSL into Regions and Municipalities. The borders and composition shall be adaptable through due process and local referenda, according to the CSL.
  • Section D: All citizens and legal residents of each region or municipality shall elect the Mayor, Vice-Mayor or other offices created by their citizens charters to preside over the Council and to represent the Council in its external affairs.
  • Section E: District and Municipal Councils shall have such legislative, administrative and fiscal competences devolved to them in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, the scope and domains of which shall be determined by their Citizens Charters in harmony with this constitution and the CSL.
  • Section F: Regions and Municipalities may be further sub-divided into Communities and Burghs, each with its own Community or Burgh Council. The boundaries, powers and organisation of the Community and Burgh Councils shall be determined, by District and Citizens referenda, in accordance with the CSL.

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