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Article VI– Parliament

  • Section A: Ultimate authority to amend and/or expand the Corpus of Scottish Law shall be invested in a unicameral Scottish Parliament.
  • § 1. The Sphere of Parliamentary Law shall regulate the Scottish Parliament in the following areas.
  • a. The eligibility requirements for election.
  • b. The total number of Deputies, which shall not be fewer than 120 members, nor exceed 200 members.
  • c. The duration of Parliamentary terms.
  • d. The process whereby the Prime Minister is elected.
  • e. The process of Parliamentary dissolution.
  • f. How Parliamentary vacancies shall be filled.
  • g. How the Presiding officer shall be chosen, who shall have the following functions during parliamentary debate:
i. Employing fact-checkers in real-time, verifying that sources of all statistics and facts cited during debate are accurate employing valid methodology.
ii. Correcting parliamentarians if inaccurate facts or statistics are cited.
  • h. The process of Parliamentary sessions and adjournments.
  • i. The composition and functioning of its corporate bodies.
  • j. Parliamentary voting procedure employing distributed ledger technology to amend/supplement the CSL, adopt resolutions, treaties, and any other parliamentary procedure
  • § 2. The Scottish Commission for Constitutional Development and Harmonization shall oversee any modification and/or addition to the CSL to assure full conformity with the following criteria:
  • All must conform to this Constitution.
  • All research which informs the CSL must be verifiably based on empirical science employing sound, valid, and coherent methodology.
  • All changes to the text of the CSL must conform to the linguistic and stylistic standards of the CCL (III,A,2).
  • Any changes must demonstrably improve individual rights, broaden participation in the democratic process, and/or improve the legal functioning of Scottish State institutions for the broadest possible social benefit.

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