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Article VI– Parliament

  • Section B: Additional Parliamentary Powers
  • § 1. Parliament shall have the power, in time of war or public emergency, to extend its term of office for a period not exceeding 12 months, by means of a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of its members.
  • § 2. The Parliament shall have the competence to appoint select committees to inspect and oversee the government and to scrutinize modifications or additions to the CSL.
  • § 3. Parliament shall have the authority to form administrative agencies to regulate the various sectors of the Scottish society and economy. Appointees and administrators heading these agencies shall demonstrably have appropriate and relevant experience to lead the agency for the improvement of its efficacy and benefits for broader society.
  • § 4. Parliament may appoint Commissions and Boards of Enquiry under terms of the CSL, and the composition, duration and remit shall be specified by parliamentary resolution.
  • § 5. Parliamentary committees, Commissions and Board of Enquiry shall enjoy the authority to subpoena official documents, files and other evidence, and the power to summon Ministers and other officials for hearings where they are compelled to answer questions.
  • § 6. Parliament, its committees and commissions, shall be open to the public and accredited press, and systematically video recorded unless a closed session is authorised, by a two-thirds majority vote, on the grounds of military secrecy, diplomatic security or public interest. A designated web site shall live-stream all proceedings and archive all footage for citizen’s access.
  • § 7. The CSL shall specify the method for designating the Presiding Officer

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