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Article VI– Parliament

  • Section C: All members of Parliament shall:
  • § 1. Enjoy the freedom of speech and debate in Parliament, subject to the CSL sphere of Law of Parliament.
  • § 2. Enjoy the freedom to vote in accordance with their consciences through distributed ledger technology, free from imperative mandates, corporate and financial lobbying, binding pledges or intimidation.
  • § 3. Be entitled to a moderate salary, and other incidental allowances which shall not exceed 50% of their annual salary, with limited legally justifiable exceptions, to be automatically and publicly disclosed. Salary shall be based on parliamentary participation criteria established in the CSL.
  • § 4. Be subject to all of the same laws, regulations, and obligations as the rest of the population.
  • § 5. Be majority-time resident in the constituency they represent for at least the three years previous to their election, and other eligibility requirements specified in the CSL.
  • § 6. The CSL shall be modified over time to assure adhesion to these principles.

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