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Article V - Two alternatives Articles for Head of State

Option 2 : Elected President of the Scottish State

Article V - The Presidency of the Scottish State
  • Section A: The President of Scotland shall be elected by universal popular distributed ledger technology vote, and shall exercise the following functions:
  • § 1. Representing the liberty, independence and integrity of the Scottish nation, presiding over public ceremonies, and addressing the people on civic occasions and at times of crisis or emergency.
  • § 2. Dissolving Parliament on the advice of the Presiding Officer.
  • § 3. Withholding assent to legislation only in cases of legitimate demonstrable questions over its constitutionality.
  • § 4. Appointing members of the judiciary.
  • § 5. Granting pardons on the advice of the Minister of Justice
  • § 6. Appointing members of independent commissions as prescribed by the CSL.
  • § 7. Awarding civic honours in recognition of public service.
  • Section B: Election of the President of the Scottish State
  • § 1. All citizens and legal residents living in Scotland over 30 years of age shall be eligible to run for President.
a. All candidates for the office of President shall be of good moral character, and shall be required to pass the following in order for their name to be put on the ballot:
  • basic literacy test,
  • Scottish constitutional literacy test, and
  • financial and criminal background check.
  • § 2. The Presidential term shall last 5 years, limited to two terms.
  • § 3. The President shall be elected in a two-round process. In the first, all party nominees qualified by the Scottish Electoral Audit Board shall be voted upon in a single ballot. If one candidate receives in excess of 50% of the vote he/she shall win the election.
  • § 4. If no one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote in the first round, a second round vote between the two candidates who received the most votes shall be held two weeks after the first round. The candidate who receives more than 50% of the vote shall be elected president.
  • § 5. The presidential and parliamentary campaigns shall be held under the same law, and limits.
  • § 6. The President shall be sworn in one month after election.
  • § 7. The blank vote is recognized as a vote cast.
  • Section C: Succession and impeachment
  • § 1. In the case of death or incapacitating injury or disease of the President, the Presiding Officer will assume the functions of the Presidency pending a new election within 30 days.
  • § 2. The President can be impeached with according to procedure in the CSL. Allegations deemed sufficiently grave for impeachment shall include, but not be limited to, gross violations of universally applied law and/or personal misconduct.
  • Section D. Impeachment shall not offer immunity from prosecution for any crimes committed.

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