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Article XIII – Land and territorial waters, and the environment

  • Section A: The territory of Scotland comprises all the mainland and islands of Scotland, plus the territorial waters boundaries in vigor in 1982, as recognized by international law. There shall be a digital map created and maintained using the most recent technology available which shall document in real time all land ownership boundaries, buildings, roads, infrastructure, environmental conditions, terrain, and other natural resources.
  • Section B: The totality of the territory, buildings, and other goods within its land and territorial waters requiring legal title in Scotland shall be registered and taxed exclusively with the Scottish government. Complete transparency on ownership is required for the bearer to register and maintain title. Land and goods for which legal title cannot be legitimately established according to the CSL shall revert to public ownership.
  • Section C: All use of eminent domain in the acquisition of land and property must be transparent and demonstrably in the public interest, conducted exclusively by public agencies of the Scottish government, with fair and immediate compensation for expropriated property.
  • Section D: The powers of the Scottish land management agency shall include, but not be limited to, maintaining the title registry of land, assuring that EU and other subsidies are directed towards the valid recipients, and rigidly enforcing regulation based on peer reviewed science. Sufficient resources shall be furnished by the Scottish government to enforce these and other measures, and the CSL shall provide for the shielding of regulators from the influence of the entities they regulate.
  • Section E: Environmental Law
  • § A: All environmental law shall be applied to the totality of the land and territorial waters in Scotland, including transport.
  • § B: All persons, individually and collectively, have the right to the protection of the common natural resources of Scotland. These include natural systems created by the interaction of solar energy with air, water, soil, and subsoil.
  • § C: All persons have the duty make responsible use of common natural resources, from an ecological, economic, and social perspective. The productive sectors are legally bound to use common natural resources in a way that does not degrade the environment or hinder regeneration.
  • § D: All chemicals, devices, and techniques used in all industry and energy extraction shall be declared and regulated. Chemicals deemed too toxic to be used through exclusively peer-reviewed scientific methods shall be banned. All ingredients in all foods and drinks, including all those which are genetically modified, shall be clearly labelled on the package. Under all circumstances, the burden of proof shall fall on the industries to prove their products and techniques are safe, rather than on the state to prove their harm.

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