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Article XI – Defence, Peace and Conflict Resolution and Foreign Relations

  • Section F: Nuclear Weapons:
  • § 1: The stationing of nuclear weapons in Scotland’s land and waters is prohibited. An exception shall be made for 2 years from the date when this constitution takes effect during which time nuclear weapons may be stored in Scotland prior to their removal. During this period all activity supporting the operational deployment of these weapons shall be prohibited.
  • § 2. The Scottish State prohibits any of the following acts or activities relating to nuclear weaponry taking place on its soil, territorial waters or airspace:
  • a. The development, manufacture, possession or control of nuclear weapons;
  • b. The stationing or transportation of nuclear weapons by any means;
  • c. The testing or use of nuclear weapons;
  • d. The dumping or disposal of nuclear weapons grade radioactive material or nuclear waste.
  • § 3: Transportation through the territory of Scotland of nuclear weapons, parts or components thereof, as well as of nuclear waste or any other nuclear material designed or produced for weapons purposes shall be prohibited and will be deemed a criminal offense.

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