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Article XV –Public Services and Privatisation

  • Section A: All natural infrastructure monopolies, including but not limited to the electrical grid, water and wastewater infrastructure, gas and oil pipelines, the Scottish airspace and air traffic system, and the railroad infrastructure shall be permanently publicly owned and maintained through public funds. There shall be a Scottish state-owned company operating in all natural monopolies, and the Scottish state shall regulate all sectors to ensure carefully managed and demonstrably fair competition.
  • Section B: All public services and institutions, including but not limited to refuse collection, police, prisons, schools, welfare, electoral boards, land and property assessors, and any other institutions established to exclusively serve the public interest, shall be publicly owned; operated, and regulated by the Scottish Government. Any private contracting for assisting the provision of services can be tendered, while facilitating companies of any size to participate in the bidding process.
  • Section C: The awarding of all government contracts on all levels shall be conducted through a transparent competitive bidding process, managed in real time using distributed ledger technology, with legitimate reasons for determining the grantee made available for scrutiny to the public and the financial auditor before funds can be appropriated. All state contracts shall be published and transparent. Under no circumstances shall the denial, cancellation, or alteration of a pubic contract be legal grounds to sue the Scottish State.

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