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Article X – Ombudsmans

  • Section A: Citizens Ombudsmans Bureau
  • § 1. The Ombudsman’s Bureau shall protect and defend the rights and freedoms recognized by this Constitution, and shall exclusively oversee:
  • a. The management of the civil service of the Scottish State, and the activity of public or private organizations, be they associated or dependent.
  • b. The activity of private companies which manage public services, or perform activities in the general or universal interest, or equivalent activities in an agreed or indirect manner.
  • c. The activity of persons who have a contractual bond with the administration of the Scottish State or the dependent public agencies.
  • d. All other activities and functions determined by the CSL.
  • § 2. The Ombudsman’s Bureau shall supervise the activity of local administrations, and public or private organizations be they associated or dependent, in a subsidiary manner in relation to local auditors.
  • § 3. The Ombudsman’s Bureau can request reports from various institutions over how to improve the application of fundamental Constitutional rights, and submit modifications or additions to the CSL to the Parliament for consideration.

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