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Article X – Ombudsmans

  • Section C: Environmental Audit Board
  • § 1. The Environmental Audit Board serves to protect the right to common property and the environment for current and future citizens, and to this end shall:
  • a. Oversee the proper implementation of all public and private activities.
  • b. Guarantee the citizens’ right to receive permanent, continuous, correct, and proven information over the condition of the natural common property, the natural environment, the impact of planned actions and their implementation.
  • c. Ensure that all projects, if appropriate, have the mandatory and proper report evaluating its ecological impact.
  • d. All other functions as determined by law.
  • § 2. On request of the Council of Ministers or the Parliament, the Environmental Audit Board shall report on the environmental impact of modifications or additions to the CSL submitted to the Parliament for debate and adoption.

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