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Article X – Ombudsmans

  • Section D: Electoral Audit Board
  • § 1. The Electoral Audit Board is the authority in charge of electoral processes, and shall have the following functions and competences, employing distributed ledger technology at all levels:
  • a. Prepare, monitor, update, and publish the electoral roll.
  • b. Call, organize, and supervise all elections, referenda, consultations, as specified by the CSL.
  • c. Define the composition and roles of electoral boards.
  • d. Oversee the vote count and announce the results.
  • e. Maintain the strict neutrality, transparency, and proven accuracy of the processes.
  • f. Facilitate the broadest possible political participation.
  • g. All other functions determined by this Constitution and the CSL.
  • § 2. The Electoral Audit Board hears the claims and appeals in electoral issues, under the terms determined by the CSL, with the authority to overturn electoral results if the infractions are sufficiently grave.

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