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Article X – Ombudsmans

  • Section E: Broadcasting and Media Audit Board (BMAB)
  • § 1. The BMAB is the authority in charge of guaranteeing the accuracy, veracity, decency, and honesty of journalistic practice for those media outlets seeking accreditation in Scotland.
  • § 2. The BMAB shall have the competence to develop specific media and journalistic standards, included but not limited to the following:
  • a. Proven accuracy of information presented, always with the opportunity and legal obligation to correct or retract after the fact when information is clarified or shown to be demonstrably false.
  • b. Respect for all people’s privacy and human rights, with the right of the BMAB to take the conduct of the entire media corporation into consideration when evaluating the eligibility for accreditation.
  • c. Use of deceptive editing and manipulation to convey false impressions shall be taken into consideration.
  • d. Character assassination and ad hominem attacks on anyone, or any other violations of privacy and human rights.
  • § 3. All media organizations operating in Scotland receiving accreditation:
  • a. Shall have access to media accreditation for all local and national governments in Scotland for their journalists.
  • b. Along with all citizens, legal residents, and accredited research groups, uniquely have access to Freedom of Information requests from the Scottish Governments.
  • c. Shall be eligible for grants from the Citizens Media Fund.
  • § 4. All effective legal tools shall be employed to ensure the demonstrable impartiality of the BMAB.

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