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Article X – Ombudsmans

  • Section F: Digital Citizenship and Privacy Auditors (DCPA)
  • § 1. Digital Citizenship shall be afforded to all legally living and working in Scotland irrespective of nationality, comprehensively underpinned by distributed ledger technology and/or its most modern variant. A Scottish Citizen Identity Card and electronic card reader shall be provided to everyone over 12 years of age, which shall employ Holographics, embedded Holograms, Bar Codes, PDF symbology, colour shifting inks, UV printing Guilloche patterns, Micro and Nano text holoimages, and any other technologies befitting standard best-practice, and shall provide the following capacities:
  • a. To digitally vote in elections and referenda after the age of 16.
  • b. To directly provide all social benefits, including but not limited to guaranteed universal basic income, retirement, and NHS services.
  • § 2. The digital privacy of all bearing Scottish Citizen Identity Cards and their children under 11 years of age shall be assured by the Digital Citizenship and Privacy Board, which:
  • a. Shall ensure the digital privacy of all bearing the cards, employing the best practices and highest standards of the time which shall be completely transparent.
  • b. Shall be obliged to maintain a firewall between personal information and commercial data, with transparent standards for differentiating the two.

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