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Article X – Ombudsmans[edit]

  • Section G: Composition and functions of the auditors
  • § 1. Each audit office consists of five auditors. They shall be elected for five year terms, renewable once, through universal, free, equal, direct, provably valid, and secret suffrage. Single-name constituencies shall be used to ensure adequate representation throughout Scotland.
  • § 2. The Electoral Law domain of the CSL shall establish the candidacy requirements to elect independent, responsible, impartial, wise and professional auditors with proven relevant expertise, as appropriate to each auditors body. The Electoral Audit Board shall validate the candidates according to the CSL.
  • § 3. The auditors shall operate with impartiality and independence, are inviolable for the opinions expressed in the discharge of their duties, and can only be removed from office through recall elections for the reasons established by the CSL.
  • § 4. The law shall regulate the legal status of the members of the Electoral Audit Board, their eligibility requirements, reasons for dismissal, and the powers attributed to them. Auditors cannot be members of political parties, and cannot engage in any other public or private professional activity, except those expressly determined by the CSL.
  • § 5. Each auditors body shall enjoy regulatory, organizational, and functional autonomy, with a budget sufficient to effectively carry out their functions, according to the CSL.
  • § 6. Each auditor body shall prepare their own budget, which shall be submitted for the approval by the Parliament, and shall be held accountable.
  • § 7. Public administrations and the agencies and persons shall fully cooperate with auditors. The sanctions and the mechanisms to enforce compliance shall be established by the CSL.
  • § 8. Each auditor body shall provide the Parliament with an annual report of its activities, and shall be held accountable. These reports may include suggestions to modify the CSL to improve the quality of their work.
  • § 9. In the discharge of their duties, and to ensure compliance with their objectives, auditors have the authority to impose sanctions, under terms established by the CSL.

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