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Article X – Ombudsmans[edit]

  • Section H: Board of Auditors
  • § 1. The Board of Auditors coordinates the auditors and is composed by a representative from each auditors body and a representative from local auditors.
  • § 2. The Board of Auditors shall:
  • a. Coordinate the proper functioning of the auditors body and their employees.
  • b. Elect and appoint members of regulatory agencies, on a proposal of the relevant auditors body.
  • c. Organize the shared services of the auditors bodies.
  • d. Summon local auditors to discuss issues relating to their jurisdiction.
  • e. Perform any function similar to those enumerated above, as expressly determined by law.
  • § 3. The Board of Auditors meets on request of any of its members, and is chaired by an auditor elected for each session. The decisions of the Board of Auditors are taken by a majority vote of its members. In case of a tie, the auditor chairing the meeting shall cast the deciding vote.
  • § 4. All public servants and workers have the duty to appear before the Board of Auditors upon a valid summons. The request must be strictly related to the auditor's functions, and shall never respond to political complaints.
  • Section I: There shall be numerous mechanisms for creating independent, non-partisan, commissions to focus on specific questions.

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