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Strand 2: Development of the Constitutional Framework


Seeking the broadest possible citizen input.
Hold open live-streamed conferences to refine the Constitution and the Corpus of Scottish Law.
Seek evaluation and constructive critique by the Venice Commission, implementing relevant recommendations.

Corpus of Scottish Law

Draft and adapt the Constitution to the Corpus of Scottish Law.
Annulment of all UK law passed over the centuries which is contrary to the developing Constitution of the Scottish State.
Commissions formed for each of the Spheres of the CSL to redevelop and simplify the law within the proscribed framework.
Adaptation of the CSL to the constitution.
Retention of constitutional and/or relevant UK law, then adaptation to the categories specified in the Corpus of Scottish Law.

Departments & Institutions of State

Develop procedural due process
Specify jurisdiction of courts
Adaptation of existing courts to the Constitution of the Scottish State
Creation of new courts and jurisdictions
Territorial organization of the judiciary.