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Strand 3: Establishment of the Structure of State

The totality of the following taxes/duties paid to any UK government institution by Scottish citizens and enterprises shall be paid in Scottish Pounds to Revenue Scotland. All efforts by the UK government and/or HMRC to impede this process and/or collect tax arrears on Scottish citizens/enterprises shall be prohibited and prosecutable.
All companies which do business by supplying goods services or by providing wholesale or retail goods or merchandise, shall require to be registered in Scotland for all relevant corporation tax and income tax or national insurance purposes.
Any company which fails to comply with the transition tax arrangements, or subsequent Scottish legislation regarding such taxation, will not be permitted to trade in Scotland or its territory.
Development and adaptation of current Scottish government institutions to the Constitution, and amplifying their competences.
Adaptation of UK governmental institutions in Scotland and retention of their employees for newly created roles.
Creation of new Scottish institutions