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Strand 6: Future Scotland / EU Relationship

Irrespective of the results of the Brexit negotiations, Scotland will continue to abide by and implement EU law, shall remain in the customs union and single market, shall remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, at least until the status of the relationship between the Scottish State and the European Union is defined during the 18-month transition period.
During the 18 month transition process, Scottish and EU law shall continue to apply. UK law over Scotland will continue to apply to individuals and entities within the UK reserved competences pending transfer to Scottish competence. However, no new UK laws will apply, including any law which infringes on current devolved powers and/or the constituent process.
During the constituent process, the advantages and disadvantages of EU versus EFTA versus no membership in either shall be examined and debated in a civil, polite, civically-engaging manner.
Representatives from the EU and EFTA, and political scientists and jurists shall be invited to discuss the merits of membership in each organization, and develop the criteria to seamlessly become a member.
All educational lectures presentations and educational events concerning the European Union and European Free Trade Association must be public and available to watch via social or
The Scottish polity shall then come to a consensus over the options