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§ 12. The CSL shall not criminalize drug and alcohol use and/or possession by individuals, which shall be treated uniquely within the sphere of public health.

I think the wording of this should encompass not only consideration for public health, but also recognise that, irrespective of whether a drug is harmful to health or not, the rights of the individual to use any drug they choose should be protected as a fundamental civil liberty/human right.

The vast majority of harm inflicted on users from drug use is the direct and indirect result of prohibition and the war on drugs (for reasons I assume I need not elaborate upon) and if all drug use was treated as a fundamental human right then all of these problems would be eliminated (most of them instantly, and over time they would all be dealt with as the freedom for everyone to choose safer drugs like cannabis, that would also come from a more reliable and self-regulated market)

The rights of everyone to grow their own cannabis for any reason should be protected aslo, so long as it is grown responsibly and doesn't present a danger to anyone (eg. risk of fire)